Liston Flavin Solicitors represented the family of Baby Laurence Somers who was born in St Luke’s Hospital on 23 January 2018 and sadly died in the Coombe Hospital five days later on 28 January 2018 as a result of fetal distress which caused him to suffer from hypoxia.

The Hospital admitted in evidence that an ultrasound scan should have been carried out on Ms Somers on the day before Laurence’s birth when she attended the Hospital, at which point she was 10 days overdue, as required by the Hospital’s own guidelines. Ms Somers was allowed to leave the Hospital without an ultrasound scan being carried out and was told to return the following day for a CTG. Had an ultrasound taken place it would have shown reduced amniotic fluid requiring the urgent delivery of baby Laurence. On her return to St Luke’s Hospital the following day, Ms Somers needed an emergency caesarean section. Baby Laurence was born in an asphyxiated state and required resuscitation. He also required cooling before being transferred to the Coombe Hospital, where he died five days later.

The Hospital acknowledged in evidence that Ms Somers was never seen by a Consultant Obstetrician for the entirety of her pregnancy and that every pregnant woman should see a Consultant Obstetrician at least once during their pregnancy.

During the Inquest, the Clinical Director of the maternity department of the Hospital, who was not involved in baby Laurence’s care, admitted that there had been failings in care and offered an apology on behalf of St Luke’s Hospital as a result of Baby Laurence’s death.

The Coroner returned a verdict of medical misadventure and recommended that the HSE would provide enhanced training for all medical staff in relation to local Hospital policies and procedures before they start working in the hospital.

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