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What our clients say about us
“Without any hesitation, every member of your office I encountered, was fantastic to deal with. You had the ability to keep us informed in a way that was not overwhelming. We always felt like we had an incredibly competent team working for us. We will be eternally grateful.”

“Clare and her team were always so helpful to my family and I, they were always only a phone call away and were extremely sensitive to the emotional impact the case had on me. This is something I really valued and appreciated.

The fact that Clare was not just my solicitor but that my family and I could confide in her and could speak to her openly about any and all issues was something we found very beneficial. She created a trustworthy and open platform for us to communicate with her and she was always available to us whenever we needed.

I would just like to thank you on behalf of my family and I, for all the hard work and time you put into my case over the last few years. I am so thankful for the careful detail and effort you put in, you showed patience and understanding throughout this very difficult time in my life. Many thanks again for your excellent work.”

“Rachael was always there for me, to answer my questions, my phone calls, and she was always patient. I always felt that she really cared about me, my case, doing her best to help me find the answers I needed and that were able to be answered.

I was impressed especially when I saw Rachael and the team members at the inquest. You were, and still are, a super team, looking for all the details, not forgetting a comma, a point, no details would escape you. Thank you for your fight, words, true care and hard work. You will be always in my mind and heart.

You helped me in every step, to make sure that I took care of myself and to remind me I was never alone. Closing this chapter in my life has been very important. I now have the opportunity to start over, try again, and find happiness. I would not be where I am now, without you. Thank you.”

“What I found most helpful was the fact that Clare cared about my case. She was very professional in her dealings with me but also very empathetic which is exactly what you need when going through a medical negligence case. These cases can be long, drawn out affairs but Clare never wavered in her commitment to me and the case. Throughout the case I felt that Clare ‘had my back’ which was very comforting.”

“Clare was excellent at briefing me the entire duration of my case. Regular timely updates were received, all of which were written/delivered in a most comprehensive manner. Clare was very clear and logical in her delivery of information and if there was anything I did not understand she went to great lengths to kindly clarify for me what was meant – she always did so in a very non condescending way.”

“When Clare took over my case it became very obvious to me that she had seriously read, studied and comprehended the myriad of reports/documentation and all of the complications that my case involved – including the many and varied medical terms/references etc. – most of which I as the client, who had suffered the issues involved could not grasp. Most of the expert reports were written in serious medical terminology but Clare was always able to break down the terms so I could fully grasp the content of the reports.”

“We were very satisfied with Rachael’s understanding of our case and goals.  It was very clear that she dedicated a lot of time gathering all the relevant documents, reports, evidence etc for our case. We received regular updates about our case via email, letters and phone calls.  Our case was delayed due to Covid-19 but Rachael still kept us updated throughout. I would highly recommend Liston Flavin.  From start to finish they were extremely professional and dedicated to our case. Myself and my wife do not have legal backgrounds so it was a daunting experience to take a case against the HSE.  However, Rachael’s meticulous planning and understanding of our feelings relieved any anxiety and pressure that we felt. ”

“Rachael, I want to thank you again for all the work both yourself and Counsel have done to help us get the justice Lauren so deserves.  What you do every day isn’t a job it’s a vocation, and I am so grateful that we were eventually led to you. ”

“I always found I was as important to Clare as her next client, she always took time to reply to me when I needed her.”

“I was very satisfied as Clare leaves no stone unturned and issues that needed clarification would be brought to my attention to make sure everything was accurate.”

“I would like to say thank you for the unending support I was given, the encouragement, the listening ear and the result that was achieved in my case, it was life changing for my family and myself.”

“From the very first meeting, the level of professionalism and compassion shown to me took me by surprise, I left that first meeting with such a huge sense of relief that I wasn’t alone anymore, I had previously engaged a different firm where these simply courtesies were in very short supply.”

“The service I received from my very first appointment and throughout the process was fantastic, from the very beginning I knew I had made the right decision choosing Rachael Liston”

“Rachael, for taking me on (and at the 11th hour), for sticking by me during tough turbulent times, for your maternal empathy – but above all, for saving me, not just from the jaws of a complex and clinical legal process – but from myself. For all that I thank you. Clare, you were there for me every step of the way, even during the surgical process. Every phone conversation, every email, I felt a genuine empathy and heartfelt care. Yes, I won’t miss life in litigation, but I will miss you.”

“Clare Flavin was totally professional, and I always found her to be so approachable and provided regular updates. I am grateful and thankful to her that she led my case to a successful outcome.”

“I will be forever grateful for how understanding and compassionate you were towards my case. I cannot thank you all enough, you went above and beyond for my case.”

“Affording me the opportunity for justice in medical negligence Rachael Liston, in succeeding in winning the case – undid a great deal of hurt and ultimately restored my faith in human nature. For that I am very grateful.”

“Rachael, on behalf of the family I wish to thank you for all you achieved for the family at Mediation. It is a great relief to us all that the case has been settled. We can never thank you enough.”

“She updated me on every step and gave her recommendations on every stage to make me feel more confident and decide that what is best for me. Clare Flavin is the BEST lawyer.”

“We can never thank you enough for all off your support through this process, without which, we would probably have given up and not sought the answers to my questions.”

“Rachael, thank you for everything you have done for me and for helping me to achieve justice. Yourself and the barristers involved in my case were so kind and so professional.”

“Dear Rachael, Many thanks for all your help and kindness.”

“Dear Rachael, Perhaps it is because you deal with medical negligence and all the grief that so often entails, but I was struck, and appreciated, how you so quickly recognised how distressing the past several years have been for me.”

“Dear Rachael, Thank you so much for everything. I have no doubt that you were instrumental in ensuring the matter resolved so quickly and favourably. Thank you.”

“To Rachael, Thank you for all your support over the past 3 years, and wishing you love, peace, health and happiness for Christmas and the New Year.”

“Dear Rachael, Thank you for all you have done for us over the past few years.”

“Dear Rachael, I just want to thank you for all the work you have been doing on my behalf – I am glad I found you.”

“Dear Rachael, We are delighted to finally draw a line under this part of our lives and begin the next chapter. I am in no doubt that it would not have been so successful without your help and hard work. We are eternally grateful to you and if a situation should arise we will highly recommend you.”

“Our experience of working with Rachael has been very positive. Alongside providing a professional service to her clients, she has an authentic interest in what it is they want and need. She uses her vast experience in the medical negligence and personal injury sector to ensure she achieves the best possible outcomes for families. In cases where future care is needed, Rachael has proven she can secure a suitable, sustainable and cost-effective service for the family. We gained a reassurance from the openness and knowledge she displayed in her engagement with us from the outset.”
Ed O’Brien

Resilience Ireland

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