The Plaintiff in this case unfortunately had to issue proceedings against her Solicitor who had allowed her dental negligence claim to become statute barred.

The injuries in question had occurred when the Plaintiff was having a tooth removed by her dentist in 2015. Significant force was used by the Plaintiff’s dentist and the Plaintiff continued to experience pain and discomfort for some time after the extraction. Having consulted with her Solicitor on the matter, a report was requested from a dental expert who confirmed that the dentist involved had used excessive force when carrying out the extraction and might well

have removed the wrong tooth. Unfortunately, the Plaintiff’s former Solicitor failed to issue proceedings within two years of the dental extraction and the claim became statute barred.

The Plaintiff consulted with Clare Flavin, Solicitor, regarding the standard of professional care afforded to her by her Solicitor. Further expert evidence was obtained which confirmed that the Plaintiff’s injuries were negligently caused and that the Plaintiff’s previous Solicitor had allowed the Plaintiff’s dental negligence claim to become statute barred.

The case was successfully settled and the Plaintiff recovered damages for the pain and suffering which she had endured as a result of her dental injuries.

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