Liston Flavin successfully represented the family of a patient who tragically died in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in December 2015.

The Deceased in this matter had started to have respiratory problems with recurrent chest infections and breathlessness from early 2013 on a background of being a longstanding smoker. He was treated in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and diagnosed as having mixed asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis. In 2015, he developed rapidly progressive pulmonary fibrosis, suffered a respiratory infection in late November 2015, went progressively downhill and tragically died the following month.

The Deceased’s family were concerned about the treatment afforded to the Deceased in the months leading up to his death and whether same might have been avoided with appropriate care. We obtained a report from a Respiratory Expert who confirmed that there were breaches of duty of care in the interpretation and timely reporting of chest x-rays in 2015 together with a failure to monitor the Deceased’s lung function. Our expert also confirmed that had these breaches not occurred, then it is more likely than not that the Deceased’s progressive pulmonary fibrosis would have been diagnosed sooner and treatment instituted which would have had the effect of prolonging his life.

Proceedings were issued seeking damages for the psychiatric injuries suffered by the Deceased’s family as a result of the shocking circumstances surrounding the Deceased’s death. Psychiatric reports were obtained in respect of each of the affected family members.

The case ultimately settled for a substantial amount to include the legal fees arising in respect of the inquest. Should you require further information, please contact Clare Flavin, specialist in medical negligence, on 019123240 or