The Plaintiff in this matter was misdiagnosed by a Dublin Hospital as suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma immediately prior to her wedding. She was advised to commence treatment immediately and she subsequently underwent 3 rounds of chemotherapy notwithstanding the fact that external opinions had been sought by the Hospital regarding the Plaintiff’s diagnosis.

Non-clinical documentation obtained from the Hospital revealed that one of the external opinions sought by the Hospital was sent by email but was quarantined by the Hospital system and treated as spam. As such, a delay arose with regard to the Hospital ultimately confirming to the Plaintiff that she was not, in fact, suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and she did not require treatment with chemotherapy.

The Plaintiff was understandably concerned about the standard of care afforded to her and consulted with Rachael Liston and Clare Flavin, expert medical negligence solicitors.

Expert reports were obtained from pathology and oncology experts, one of whom described what had occurred as ‘one of the worst cases of a chain of incompetence’ that she had encountered.

The case was successfully settled for a substantial amount during the course of a mediation entered into prior to the trial of the action.

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