The Plaintiff in this matter attended with a Consultant Breast Surgeon in 2015 in relation to a lump on her breast. The Plaintiff was advised that the lump was a cyst and same was subsequently removed. Approximately 4 months later, the Plaintiff noticed a change in the wound scar from where the cyst was removed, and she was referred back to the Breast Health Clinic which she had previously attended.

The following month, the Plaintiff was advised that she had a cancerous growth on her left breast which was Grade 1 cancer and the growth was 7mm long. The Plaintiff underwent a surgical procedure to remove the growth and she was informed that she would require five weeks of radiotherapy but no chemotherapy.

Following surgery, the Plaintiff was informed that the cancer was, in fact, Grade 2, the growth was 2cm-2.5cm, the sentinel node was compromised and that she would require 6 months of chemotherapy and that post chemotherapy, she would require 5 weeks of radiotherapy. The Plaintiff was also advised that the pathology relating to the cyst which had been removed the previous year had been checked and that cancerous cells were, in fact, detected. The Plaintiff was informed that if the cells had been discovered five months earlier, she would only have required radiotherapy.

Clare Flavin, Solicitor, investigated the standard of care afforded to the Plaintiff and obtained expert evidence which confirmed that the Plaintiff’s cancer misdiagnosis in 2015 had necessitated chemotherapy treatment which ultimately caused the Plaintiff to suffer from an ongoing peripheral neuropathy. The Plaintiff’s quality of life was significantly impacted by her

misdiagnosis. Reports were obtained from numerous specialists to assess the Plaintiff’s requirements for the future and her long-term prognosis.

The case settled for a substantial amount at a mediation in advance of the hearing of the Plaintiff’s case.

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